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What is the most spiritual movie, ever? Here are 12 nominees

We’ve expanded our slide show, Transcendental Movies, from 9 classics to 12. Our new additions: Fur, Being John Malkovich and Last Year at Marienbad

BY SOUL’S CODE — That last choice, Marienbad is set in a mid-century, is a 1961 classic by the French “new wave” director, Alain Resnais). Set in an upper class Grand Tour-like spa in Germany, it is the oldest film in our pantheon of spiritual cinema — and about our favorite because of its parallels with an ABC TV series that came along four decades later.  LOST

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LOST Season 3 Finale: Jumping Jack

Notes from around the Internet about the physics and metaphysics of the ABC series, LOST episode, “Through the looking glass”

BY SOUL’S CODE — You never know how good something is until you’ve lost it. For lost viewers, we’ll be without the show until February 2008, writes Entertainment Weekly. The end of the third season represents the mid-point of the show, which will run for another three seasons before its end.

J. Wood has a brilliant analysis of the episode, citing it as an an inversion point. “The narrative itself twists inside-out, with the locus still on the island yet the flashes happening in the opposite direction. Like the White Queen of Carroll’s text explains, we’re seeing the future and its impact on the present,” he writes.

Up until this point we see how the past has influenced the present. Each person has a back-story that has brought him or her to the Island and affects their decisions.

But now we see the influence the future has on the present. The episode is chock full of trippy flash forwards, showing life after the rescue. And for some, it’s not all that hot. But they may not have been “forwards” so much, explains J. Wood. “A physicist named Minkowski realized that by considering time as a component of space, Einstein’s special theory of relativity . . .

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ABC’s Lost, Season 3: An allegory for the Afterlife?

A meditation on the meaning of the island in, Lost: Heaven, purgatory, a board game or karmic wheel?

BY SOUL’S CODE — The last two episodes of ABC’s hit series, Lost, Season 3 have laid the groundwork for the idea that the “survivors” that have been stranded on the island for the last two seasons may in fact be dead.

It’s easy to imagine heaven as an experience akin to being deserted on a tropical island with Evangeline Lilly (Kate); but Locke’s father suggests the island is something darker.

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