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What is your enneagram?

A more reliable personality scale than Myers-Briggs for mapping your emotions and relationships has its origins in Islamic mysticism

MARGARET  COCHRAN — The Enneagram grew out of the teachings of the great Sufi mystic, G. I. Gurdjieff, whose memoir of early 20th-Century pilgrimages, Meetings with Remarkable Men, became a landmark movie in spiritual cinema. But today we care more about the Enneagram than the movie because it is an amazing tool for developing self-awareness.

The Enneagram helps us to realize what motivates us, and how to better understand the sometimes confusing behavior of our friends, family and co-workers — and possibly the most confusing person of all, yourself!

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A personality test for your shadow self

Robert Louis Stevenson called it Mr. Hyde; Jung called it the personal unconscious. The great sages say we heal when we own the denied part of ourselves.

BY MICK QUINN AND DEBORA PRIETO, 1st of 2 parts — Picture the ecosystem of relationships that hold you in this time and place, from lovers to office politics and friends and family. Ask yourself six questions:

1. Are the ways in which other people act emotionally disturbing to you?

2.Do you sometimes feel that other people don’t seem to care enough?

3. Do you question the insensitive ways of others?

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Me and my shadow

How to recognize and reintegrate the shadow aspects of your personality

GUEST COLUMN: MICK QUINN AND DEBORA PRIETO, 2nd of 2 parts But, before we get to the cure, let’s look at eight ways to tell if you have a shadow.

1.  Do you sometimes despise certain situations or people?

2.  Is there one person in your life who seems to bring up swells of emotion in you?

3.  Do insurmountable differences sometimes appear in your personal relationships?

4.  Do you seem to rush to immediate conclusions about people and situations?

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Power versus personality

Highly-effective and happy people are courageously honest with themselves. Here is a checklist of 15 questions to ask yourself

GUEST COLUMN: SHARON COHEN — Most people believe that if they just had more money, the things that make them unhappy would disappear, and their lives would be better.

The truth is that your life can be better without more money. It can be better today, but you need to make some decisions and take action.

You don’t need me to tell you what will make you happy — only you know that truth. My aim here is to help you discover that truth.

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Personality DNA

Here’s a neat online widget for determining what type of psychological profile you fit.

Survey says that this writer is a “Considerate Thinker.” Apparently that’s the product of my aversion to eating at new restaurants. The colors of the DNA chart represent my trust in others and low creativity…. If you’re the type that like to take tests, this one will run about 15 minutes and you’ll have fun “emptying buckets” and charting yourself on various axises.

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