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The Ice Storm still

Living in fear: We appeared to be the perfect family

My mother’s first hospitalization for attempting suicide came before I even knew what the word meant

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I can close my eyes and see myself at around 8 or 9 years old, sitting with my knees scrunched under me on the floorboard of a 1974 Dodge Coronet. The first poem I wrote was a prayer. Rounding the corner in that same old big brown boat that disguised its ugliness as a car, I can also clearly remember hanging on to the interior door handle as the door swung open and I looked at the pavement racing past me.

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The bearable lightness of being Roni Lipstein

An experience with altered consciousness provides a wellness coach with the strength to leave an abusive relationship, and an opportunity to learn to “love self, first”

BY RHONDA SHERYL LIPSTEIN — As an author, I realize that we all could write a book, since life itself is a series of experiences that expand our consciousness.

The only difference between one who “walks the talk” and one who does not even talk at all is whether we choose to be aware of this fact — of our expressed experience of being.

During my life I’ve had several experiences of expanded or altered consciousness, beginning when I was a child, continuing as an adult with the birth of my son — and later, when extricating myself from an abusive relationship.

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Living in fear: Being raised by a mentally ill mom was like walking on eggshells

Part 1 of 4: It was when her voice was devoid of emotion that I feared her the most

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I didn’t know when it started. I still don’t, and probably never will know. My mother changed. Around other people she was cheery, always a bubbly personality. Being the offspring of a master chameleon, I’ve adapted that same mask. I can smile at you with bright blue-gray eyes twinkling, when inside, my heart is in night terrors.

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Spiritual Surf: Sex vs. love; online boyfriend applications; The Secret

Abusive boyfriends, how relationships go bad, checklists for a potential girlfriend

Girl in a Word has decided to dump her boyfriend after he nearly threatened physical abuse, she writes. She says she’s glad she didn’t marry the guy, who is manipulative, she says.

Living Tantra writes a nice piece on how relationships go bad: “As if you were on a speeding train, you have zoomed from the Happy Town of Idealizing to the Not-So-Happy Town of Demonizing. You have entirely skipped over the City of Realizing.” This comes from projecting onto your beloved, she writes. Definitely worth reading for anybody who thinks he or she is in love.

Worldtravelings has this great picture of two lovers.

TLA writes about the backlash he got for following the advice of The Secret and listing exactly what he wanted in a woman. We’ve been railing against The Secret for some time now.

Kimberly has an application for potential boyfriends up on her blog.

The Lookout compares a good relationship to good sex. The author’s idea would warm a libertarian’s heart. He or she writes:

The miracle of sex is that men and women take pleasure in actions that the other desires independently. The act of stimulating a sexual partner is sometimes much more exciting than the stimulation that they provide you, directly, and not simply because you enjoy that pleasure vicariously. And the same thing is true for all relationships, I think. The best chemistry in a relationship is when we take independent pleasure in doing things that our partners in that relationship enjoy.

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