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Mitt Romney pledge

Spiritual IQ Quiz: 9 Mormon things that Mitt Romney believes

SOUL’S CODE — On the eve of Willard Mitt Romney’s lock on the Republican presidential nomination, a fellow Mormon and U.S. Senator from Utah (Orrin Hatch) claimed that President Obama’s campaign would use Mitt’s “religion” against him.

But is Mormonism a real religion? In fact, what makes a religion?

One common denominator of the world’s five great faiths is that each was inspired by a figure who achieved enlightenment, or some type of transcendental mental state.

Christians have Christ, Buddhists have the Buddha . . . But the father of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, seems to have simply been mental.

Disagree? See how much you know by clicking the radio buttons below:

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Escape from Hollywood: The Soul’s Code list of 2011 summer movies

Escape from Hollywood: The Soul’s Code list of 2011 summer movies

Spiritual cinema: From the Rolling Stones to religious war, these 5 flicks are enlightened and entertaining.

1. 9th Company, the Russian side of “Charlie Wilson’s War”

Hulu.com, the website where you can play TV and movies for free, finally has a foreign flick worth watching. (Actually, make that any flick).

Hulu just posted 9th Company, “9 Рота” in the original Russian — the first time that a mass American audience has been exposed to the best movie we’ve ever seen from the post-Soviet Union (and in that spirit, it’s a co-production with Finland and the Ukraine).

Yes, the movie does has subtitles. But think of it as the Rus version of Platoon with the nitty-gritty psychological naturalism of Stanley Kubrick’s Natural Born Killers. But it’s actually based on a true story.

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Spiritual Surf: Weinergate and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Spiritual Surf: Weinergate and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

From the anti-false witness clause in the 10 Commandments to Bill Clinton, lying is as old as our genetic code

Psychologist Abraham Maslow on survival: The Hierarchy of Needs

Born Liars: “How to spot a liar?” (Toronto Globe and Mail)

Online dis-inhibition: Group-think and de-individuation

Not surviving, or winning: Movie star Matt Damon pulls out of June 20 fundraiser for Congressman Weiner (New York Daily News)

Socially (unconscious) media: “When does online fantasy become infidelity?” (Salon.com)

Euro Group prez says it’s his job to lie: “I’m not going to go to confession because of a false denial. God understands more about the financial markets than many who write about them.” – Dr. Jean-Claude Juncker in Der Spiegel

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earthquake scene

Spiritual Surf: Down in America

The pscyhe of the world’s solo superpower not only boasts a ‘Morning in America’ ethos but a persistent streak of pessimism.

May 21, 2011 doomsday mania: A fundamentalist chain of bible-thumping radio stations taps into fears of the Apocalypse and the Big One

Doomsday church rolling in dough: Oakland, CA-based “Family Radio has received $80 million in donations

Moral of U.S. Marines plummets: According to a U.S. Army report released this week, 1 in 5 troops in Afghanistan suffer from acute stress, depression or other psychological disorder

Joseph S. Nye on American power after bin Laden: “Cultural pessimism is very American, extending back to the country’s Puritan roots.”

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Six ways to insure your health yourself

Six ways to insure your health yourself

Why rely on the administration of drugs — or the Obama administration — to cure diseases if you can avoid getting sick in the first place? The worst culprits, including heart disease and many forms of cancer, are preventable with some basic self-care.

BY VAISHALI — The largest generation in history, the post-WWII Baby Boomers (76 million people in the U.S., alone), are entering their peak need for care. And those of us affected by a U.S. health-care reform led by President Obama may end up (or not) at the government’s mercy to nurse what ails us. In the name of self-preservation, here are six highly-effective, do-it-yourself tips to keep the doctor away, and aging at bay.

Six ways to enhance your health and vitality

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Spiritual Surf: Dr. Drew in half-a-dozen steps (guest-starring Charlie Sheen)

Psychoanalysis of Charlie Sheen’s media-bender: Dr. Drew Pinsky does one-hour VH1 special, Winning . . . Or Losing It?

Sheen challenges Dr. Drew to a boxing match on L.A. radio station: “Me and Pinsky should jump in the ring — Bring it, little man!” (minute-9 of audio)

Dr. Drew fires White House gate-crasher from season 4 of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab: Michaele Salahi’s only addiction is to fame

Salon.com says VH1 should fire Dr. Drew: “Why it’s time to shut down Celebrity Rehab

Former patient of Dr. Drew dies after relapse: Ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr pleaded for drugs on the day of his death

FLASHBACK! Stanton Peele takes a shot at Dr. Drew in Psychology Today: “. . . a media vulture circling the latest carrion.”

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Separated at miraculous birth: Barack Obama and Jesus Christ

Separated at miraculous birth: Barack Obama and Jesus Christ

From deadbeat dads to the middle initial “H”? The Top 10 reasons why Obama and Jesus are, like, almost the same person

SOUL’S CODE When Freud coined the term, transference, he used it to describe the unconscious projection we have about a parent, or some other childhood figure, onto a lover, boss — or, yes, in the media age — a presidential candidate.

Is Barack Obama the Son of Promise, Child of Hope, collective father figure, and redeemer in the eyes of the world of us — as in, the “U.S.”?

We rejoice in his victory by documenting the Top 10 similarities and synchronicities between the president-elect and Jesus the savior:

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