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Why did The One win by a landslide?

When we feel powerless, we project “power” onto Obama. As much as we celebrate a savior — being one, or looking for one — is a delusion

BY DAVID RICKEY — For many of us, (I’ll admit myself into this group) our great hope was pinned on Barack Obama winning this presidential election.

The scale and depth of the victory points to what political strategists and CNN analysts, who are stuck in their heads and the obvious, are missing about elections: they’re driven by a chemistry between a leader and voters that runs far deeper than a linear series of tactics, the financial crisis or rational or wedge issues.

Where does the Hope about Obama come from? As with Jesus, we the people who look to Obama see him as the embodiment of a “solution,” to a “problem.” Obama is the Great (Black) Hope — or as the McCain campaign mockingly put it this summer, “The One.”

The question about Hope is another way of asking why we feel we know public figures, whom we rarely meet in person, so intimately.

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Screaming at me? My Buddhist comeback

Daniel Woo is a Seattle lawyer who deals with screaming people. . . in litigation, in road rage, in any time and place. Here he reveals his personal method for not taking it personally.

GUEST COLUMN: DANIEL D. WOO — When my own mind is in turmoil, or when another person is literally screaming at me, I wonder: “What is the source of this emotional tsunami?”

Over the years I have learned that “screaming,” and “at me,” are concepts — not empirical reflections of reality. Just look at the video here.

These thought-forms in my mind are “conclusions” that reflect my projections about reality. The feeling that someone is “screaming” changes, completely, when I recognize that the person in front of, or within me, is suffering.

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If monogamy implies possession, how would you possess your Self?

Straddling the masculine and the feminine, sexually and spiritually speaking

Second in a two-part series by SMADAR DE LANGE — Many spiritual traditions, such as Kaśmir Śaivism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Judaism celebrate the union of two “separate” bodies as a sacred act that creates the deep experience of “oneness.”

But when we talk about “the juicy stuff,” the age old question is inevitable:  “What do women want?”

Although a general question, the answer is simplistic and partial: women want to experience their true feminine nature. In other words, they want to be accomplished as feminine, and one with this femininity.

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Is it time to give modern pirates a moral break?

How the swashbuckling archetype of pirates-past became today’s image of oceanic terrorists — a spiritual response

GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — We’ve been incredibly spoiled by the likes of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.  Thanks to them we’ve become enamored with knee-high leather boots, gold hoop earrings and shoulder-perched parrots.

Very few of us made it through childhood without donning an eye patch and blackening out a tooth or two at Halloween.

Well into our adult years, it’s still acceptable to sport shoes with skulls and crossbones, or joke about being a swashbuckler while downloading songs and movies from the internet.

There’s very little that isn’t cool about being a pirate at least for those of us who’ve never left shore or had to swing a sword.

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Depression in Abundance

Depression in Abundance

It’s easy to feel bad when everyone around you seems to be feeling good. When we observe happiness or success, the subconscious asks: “Why don’t I have that?” It’s the catalyst for a waterfall of self-doubt that can easily drag down your mood if you let it.

Consider this post by blogger/pundit Michael Arrington. Arrington has made a new career of chronicling the development of Internet startups in Silicon Valley. “Times are good, money is flowing, and Silicon Valley sucks,” he writes. His beef?

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Spiritual Surf: Dr. Phil trolls for trash; Match.com pays millions

Spiritual Surf: Dr. Phil trolls for trash; Match.com pays millions

Dr. Phil, the official mascot of Oprah, has a permanent page on the site for his own TV series called “Be on the show” to solicit victims to air their soiled psychic baggage — and boost his ratings. Is it any wonder that people like Gavin Newsom and Lindsay Lohan go mad in this mad, mad world that Dr. Phil helps make more mad?

We excerpt brother Phil’s language whereby he seeks to facilitate an episode about marital discord and reconciliation. Direct quote, courtesy of Dr. Phil:

“CA ONLY: Know an Evil Bitch?

Do you know an evil bitch? Are you married to one? Do you constantly get in arguments over who’s more evil – you or them? Does it drive you crazy how nasty this ‘evil bitch’ can be and you want Dr. Phil to put them in their place? Tell us your story.”


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