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Why doesn’t Paris Hilton grow as a person?

She’s pretty American

BY PAUL KAIHLA — In her short, unintentional life, Paris Hilton has performed at least one spiritual good deed: In 2007, after being sentenced to 45 days in jail for . . . whatever, she exited her L.A. home carrying a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now.

That single act, and famous photo, gave Tolle’s best-selling book of spiritual haiku a second life. It zoomed up Amazon.

The take on Paris among the Soul’s Code community of helping-professionals goes something like this: she’s a harmless person who puts herself out there — but not “in” there — as in, herself. Or what Carl Jung called “the Self,” free of an excessive degree of self-concern.

When she was sentenced, we publicly prayed for Paris’ new inner life — or at least that she’d undergo what another American icon, Dwight Eisenhower, called “an agonizing reappraisal.”

It didn’t work.

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Paris Hilton grants The Power of Now a second life

SOUL’S CODE — Here we were about to do a post about Paris Hilton and the psychological phenomenon called “object constancy” — you know, Tinkerbell, her addictions, her revolving door of lovers — and she throws us this perfectly spiritual curveball.

During her comings and goings to prison, paparazzi have photographed Paris several times conspicuously carrying the Holy Bible and — wait for it — Eckhart Tolle’s cross-over spiritual self-help hit, The Power of Now. This week Hilton told Barbara Walters on ABC’s The View that she’s reading the books to cope with depression and doing time, adding that she has experienced an epiphany about the superficiality of the life she’s led.

Well, let’s offer a prayer to Paris to hold that new awareness.

Meanwhile, the endorsement momentarily boosted The Power of Now’s sales ranking on Amazon from 5,000-and-something back into the top 200.

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