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“People v. The State of Illusion” and the state of spiritual cinema

In movie theaters now: A new docudrama in the tradition of What the Bleep do we know? and The Secret

The trailer: People v. The State of Illusion

A vanity project by a trial lawyer turned motivational guru? Writer and producer Austin Vicker’s website (video)

Recommended by Soul’s Code: European spiritual teacher Tony Samara’s short, Through the Static (video).

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A personal question for the present Crisis: Who are you spiritual for, anyway?

Are our motivations for action spiritual or messianic?

DAVID RICKEY  Russell Bishop, on HuffingtonPost,  lists seven signs that the new millennium is becoming more “spiritually focused.” He lists movies and movements from The Secret to Kabbalah, trying to demonstrate a type of third great American “awakening.”

Let’s look at another progression. In 2000 we (at least some) were afraid of a computer meltdown. When it didn’t happen, we breathed a collective sigh of relief, only to watch the Twin Towers almost literally melt down on 9/11/2001. The fear and the puzzlement grew but was overcome by an excessive patriotism — it was scary for any of us who were asking the serious question, “What did we do to cause this?”

The decade was a roller-coaster.

What appears to be an increase in spirituality, may then, from a different perspective, really be an expression of the desire to be rescued from an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom.

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Spiritually $urviving job loss

The Secret‘s wishful thinking, versus the reality of 7 million American jobs lost. Soul’s Code introduces its own guide to balancing job security — and inner security

BY PAUL KAIHLA —  Oprah’s endorsement helped make a viral, online video called, The Secret, a mainstream hit a couple of years ago.

The theme of The Secret is that the good or bad you see in your life situation is a reflection of the contents of your consciousness. No, not your intellectual property — your intention. The producers of the indie Internet phenomenon co-opted the phrase, “the law of attraction” — as in, you have what you believe in.

Or more to their point: your affluence equals your attitude.

By that measure, many Americans — and good people all around the world — must have been thinking some very, very bad things, indeed, since September, 2008.

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Scoring spirituality

Scoring spirituality

Danny Kenny reviews the reviewers:  Sarlo’s Guru Ratings, Spiritual Teachers and Peter’s Pages — or as he calls them, ‘the unholy trinity’

BY DANNY KENNY — It’s such a simple step to go cynical. But Holy-ocity! — “handicapping” spiritual teachers, guides and gurus like race horses? That’s called bad form.

In these times, many of us dream or wish for “the simple life.” Some of us even go so far as to search for it. But be careful what you wish for — or more like, be careful what you Google.

Especially if you’re searching for “spiritual teachers,” or say, some of the names listed on Soul’s Code in the right column under the Department called Teachers We Track. One of these sites are likely to show up in the first page of your search results: Sarlo’s Guru Ratings, Peter’s Pages and Spiritualteachersorg. They “rate” — and in some cases, berate — spiritual experiences and figures.

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Why Byron Katie kicks Oprah’s ass

“I’m a woman without a future — I don’t need one.”

SOUL’S CODE —  We don’t mean that Byron Katie is literally beating up on Oprah. The only reason we make the comparison between the two is that Byron Katie, who is a post-modern mystic, made a rare live appearance in the San Francisco Bay Area the same day that Oprah’s show hyped the movie The Secret and its gospel, the “law of attraction.”

The difference between Oprah and Byron Katie is that Oprah explicitly caters to America’s victim-culture — millions who don’t like their looks, their job, their love-life, their personal history, etc. Oprah pitches a grocery list of prescriptions to fix the personality’s grievances.Byron Katie, on the other hand, offers a radically different way out of pain.

Why would you care? Katie, as she goes by, comes as advertised. We won’t write that she has ‘achieved enlightenment’ — that is, a person who is free of internal conflict — because we can imagine her rejoinder. Katie would turn one of her famous four questions back on us, and ask:

“How would you know? Can you absolutely know that that’s true? Do you have any proof?”

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When silence is ‘spin’: sweat-lodge tragedy, Oprah and “The Secret”

Oprah once promoted self-help guru James Arthur Ray, and his vehicle The Secret. Now she maintains a strict silence on both, and the deaths in Sedona

BY PAUL KAIHLAThe Secret was launched as a viral, online, pay-per-view phenomenon a couple of years ago. Oprah made it a mainstream hit by featuring its Australian producer on her show, and some of the film’s self-help “stars” like James Arthur Ray. (Oprah also added the book version of The Secret to her epynomous Club).

But the stream of support has dried up since October, 2009, when Ray presided over a $10,000-per-person retreat in Sedona, Arizona which climaxed in a sweat-lodge event that injured dozens and left three dead.

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