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Spiritual Surf: The new controversy about . . . yoga

A breakout book puts the favorite workout of celebs and the spiritual on the defensive

A disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar says that yoga teachers injure themselves as much as football players: “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”  (New York Times)

Recovering yogi Glenn Black: the vast majority of people should give up yoga (Daily Mail)

Five years in the making: The Science of Yoga: Risks and Rewards (Simon & Schuster)

Blowback from the yoga industry: Teachers rally to keep their students (The Daily Beast)

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Danny Dreyer: How I invented Chi Running

Danny Dreyer: How I invented Chi Running

Exclusive: How I connected my mind and body — and got both back on track

BY DANNY DREYER  — My long run is my favorite run of the week. It’s a time when I get to do some of my favorite things: slow down, take in the beauty of nature, socialize with friends, and just enjoy being alive.

I didn’t always feel that way about long runs, though. Even after years of training, my knees always hurt after 10 miles. My  wake-up call came in 1991, when I began running ultramarathons. The pain in my joints was unbearable.

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On the “30th anniversary of AIDS”

7 nights in tents, 3,000 cyclists + 500 miles. The 10th annual AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles made octagon-fighters look like wimps

DAVID RICKEY — As we marked the “30th anniversary of AIDS,” we acknowledged that many people on this cycling marathon at one time were fighting for their lives.

I suddenly realized that I personally know several people who have been infected with the HIV virus for 31+ years, and are still alive!

The AIDS Lifecycle Ride was both a testament to the continuing need for cure and treatment and a potent source of healing in its own right.

The AIDS virus entered the human bloodstream probably in late 1979. I can remember visiting, in 1980 as a student chaplain, gay men who were experiencing what was called the “Gay Plague.” The symptoms were various: pneumonia-like, intense fatigue, but the cause could not be determined.

The virus was discovered, isolated and named in 1981, hence the “anniversary.”

In those early years, AIDS was considered a death sentence.

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Zen and the art of running

Zen and the art of running

How marathon training taught a yoga drop-out to meditate

BY ALISON DUNN — “Clear your mind,” the yoga teacher advised. “Let go of all your petty frustrations, all your worries, all your cares and let your mind become a blank slate. Only then will you take your consciousness to a higher level.”

Fat chance. There was no way I could achieve enlightenment in Savasana.  My mind was too busy racing through my endless to-do list, my worries and my troubles. I kept focusing on everything that was wrong in my life and couldn’t seem to let go. By making me lie still and focus on my negative thoughts, yoga simply wasn’t the answer.

Instead, I ran a marathon.

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The secret spiritual life of football

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — Football. It’s more than just men running around a field getting sweaty. Its physicality makes it a test of nerve. Its complexity makes it a test of brains. Talk to many professional players and they’ll tell you it’s a test of the spirit, too.

Football is more than just a turkey-day tradition. Indeed, it’s also a spiritual exercise. After all, can there be a better example of how to give thanks than an end-zone Hail Mary dance?

Let’s find out how much you know about the secret spiritual lives of 49ers coach Mike Singletary, Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, “Minister of Defense” Reggie White and their NFL brethren.

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NIA: a mind-body workout that’s *breaking* out

Like Pilates, Nia started out as a secret of the dance community. Drawing on yoga, martial arts and ecstatic movement, it gives you the same kind of body-rush

GUEST COLUMN: KATY LEASK— I stood in the doorway of the studio, barefoot and skeptical. After a brutal day at a draining job, I had dragged myself to the gym. My friend, the Nia enthusiast, assured me that I would LOVE this class, so I filed in after a teenager, a couple hard-bodies in Lulu Lemon, a few middle-aged women, and a senior citizen.

It definitely wasn’t aerobics, though there were basic steps and choreography. It wasn’t the dance class of my youth, either.

There was the thrill of dancing in a group, especially with everyone adding frequent sound effects or vocalizations to tighten up the core as we kicked . . .

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Power 10

Rowing, endorphins and pain management: Power Ten

BY SOUL’S CODE — Rowing is a grueling sport. The 2000 meter races generally last about six minutes but your body goes to anerobic respiration, and produces painful lactic acid in your muscles, within the first 90 seconds.

Preparing your mind can be as an important as training your muscles. You have to stay strong for the entire race, no matter how tired your body tells you it is. It requires you to accept pain without letting it cause you to suffer.

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