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7 things to do while you’re on Soul’s Code

7 things to do while you’re on Soul’s Code

What are we about? A 20-second tour . . .


Have you ever had a peak experience? Read honest, life-altering accounts under our category, Peak Experiences.

The term was coined by one of the founders of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow. Peak Experiences are aspirational stories about natural highs: (Paul Kaihla on the shaman origins of the sauna), first-person breakthroughs (Jennifer Scalia on her greatest love, ever), and psychotherapist David Rickey on his Aha! Moment that took him a lifetime.

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Spiritual Surf: The new controversy about . . . yoga

A breakout book puts the favorite workout of celebs and the spiritual on the defensive

A disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar says that yoga teachers injure themselves as much as football players: “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”  (New York Times)

Recovering yogi Glenn Black: the vast majority of people should give up yoga (Daily Mail)

Five years in the making: The Science of Yoga: Risks and Rewards (Simon & Schuster)

Blowback from the yoga industry: Teachers rally to keep their students (The Daily Beast)

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Spiritual Surf: Secrets of the world’s oldest people

Spiritual Surf: Secrets of the world’s oldest people

Why seniors dream in black & white

Why is Alec Baldwin, 53, dating a 27-year-old yoga teacher? It’s a second life (New York Post)

Are Baby Boomers to blame for the debt crisis? Don’t ask them (CNN)

What happened to Obama? ” . . . corrupted by a system that tests the souls even of people of tremendous integrity” (New York Times op-ed)

Old people miss even older people: “In economic turmoil, U.S. needs a leader like Churchill.” (David Gergen)

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The secret spiritual life of football

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — Football. It’s more than just men running around a field getting sweaty. Its physicality makes it a test of nerve. Its complexity makes it a test of brains. Talk to many professional players and they’ll tell you it’s a test of the spirit, too.

Football is more than just a turkey-day tradition. Indeed, it’s also a spiritual exercise. After all, can there be a better example of how to give thanks than an end-zone Hail Mary dance?

Let’s find out how much you know about the secret spiritual lives of 49ers coach Mike Singletary, Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, “Minister of Defense” Reggie White and their NFL brethren.

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Six ways to combine a job search with your spiritual path

Confessions from a job management coach on how to use surrender, service and grace to make your next career move

GUEST COLUMN: JEFF ROBINSON — From July 2005 until approximately April 2006, I began a spiritual transformation that changed the course of my life in some amazing and often difficult ways, and which continues to this day.

After more than 20 years of seeking a spiritual path that made sense to me, a friend introduced me to one of the best selling books on spirituality ever written: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Yogananda-ji came to the U.S. in the 1920’s and stayed until the time of his death in 1952, introducing hundreds of thousands to the spiritual path of Kriya Yoga.   He is widely credited as being the driving force in bringing yoga to the west.

I couldn’t put the book down, and literally fell in love with both Yogananda and his teachings.

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Spiritual Surf: Ash Wednesday, PETA, Polygamy, Madonna, atheist pastor, J.D. Salinger, yoga dating

Ashes to ashes . . . this Wednesday

Christians this week celebrate Ash Wednesday in commemoration of Jesus’ sojourn in the wilderness where he faced demonic temptation.  Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, where Christians share a similar journey in a spiritual desert. Lenten practices usually involve fasting, penance, making confession, praying the stations of the cross (prayerful meditation on Jesus’ journey towards crucifixion), and receiving ashes on the forehead with the words “From dust you came, and to dust you shall return”.

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Spiritual Surf: Star Trek’s Vulcan spirit, yoga culture in Enlighten Up!, ghost hunter Hans Holzer dies at 89

Star Trek’s Vulcan spirit

On Friday pointy-eared fans will be lining up to see the new J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) Star Trek. Central to the new plot is Mr. Spock, played by both the original, Leonard Nimoy, and by the young Zachary Quinto. Spock — with his Vulcan blend of logic and mysticism so obviously derived from a mix of Eastern practices that seem to include Zen, the Tao, a dash of Shaolin Kung Fu for martial flavor (can you say “Vulcan neck pinch?”) and the Kabbalah (Nimoy, who is Jewish, is said to have derived the “Vulcan peace sign” from an ancient kohanim gesture — has always been Star Trek’s most engaging character. Just for fun, here are some resources on Vulcan practices created by Trekker fans:

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10 Best Spiritual Resorts in the West

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Tree on the diving board

Face to face with my inner pain

This is the second in a series, Finding happiness in all the right places, by a young female seeker

BEING THERE: EMMA — My decision-making mechanism wasn’t cooperating when I was weighing whether or not to go on this retreat. It was a constant back and forth — I need to buckle down and work, but I’m depressed and not productive, but I’ll feel better if I’m productive, but I can’t even get up before noon because I don’t care, but I need the money, but this trip will be good for me, but maybe I’m just escaping, but the retreat is me facing myself rather than just a distraction.

Eventually, I packed, even as I oscillated between worrying that I was running from my problems and loving the spontaneity of it all. I used to travel constantly — crazy and wild spontaneous trips — and living in Austin I had settled down with all its benefits and drawbacks. I even wrote a poem, senior year of college, called “My trips, my drugs”

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Yoga, Prana, Love

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