The New Female Mystics: An ‘Anti-Me’ Generation

These wise-women represent an implicit indictment of the legion of vendors from the human potential movement who appear on Oprah’s show, or who fill the pages of Common Ground. Those services are New Age brands that explicitly pitch self-improvement, and promise to fill in the ego’s deficits.

But Byron Katie, Catherine Ingram and the Australian-born mystic, Isha (left), undermine the very notion of self-enhancement through spiritual seeking. In fact, they take direct aim at the personality’s hegemony over reality, and advance a counter-intuitive proposition that the act of thinking itself is an inherently contaminating phenomenon.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, the famous TV ad slogan from the ’70′s goes. To the new female mystics, the mind is simply a terrible thing.

On the bright side, that ad slogan has helped raise more than $2 billion for the United Negro College Fund. Here is the original ad on YouTube.

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