The secret spiritual life of Steve Jobs

SOUL’S CODE SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — Steve Jobs was a genius with a dark side. He humiliated subordinates in front of others. His management style included  playing mind games on his own people like waking them up in the middle of the night at home to harangue them. He even created an espionage division inside of Apple that would have made famous paranoids like Richard Nixon and his White House ‘plumbers’ wilt with shame.

But this contradictory and relentless man was also possessed by deep spiritual yearnings from a young age. We honor Steve’s spiritual side — and invite you to test your spiritual IQ with the clickable multiple-choice questions below about some facts of Jobs’ life that Apple p.r. rarely publicized. May his soul be sanctified:

Like many visionaries, Steve Jobs dropped out of a famous college. Which one?

What did Steve Jobs study during his brief college career?

Which religious traditions and gurus did Steve Jobs experience during his spiritual evolution?

Which Hollywood actor tricked the audience by impersonating Steve Jobs' during his keynote address at 1999's MacWorld conference in New York City?

Steve Jobs was adopted; Who is his half-sister by his birth-parents?

With which of these mind-altering — and illegal — substances did Steve Jobs experiment?

Which Hollywood actor played Steve Jobs in the bio-pic, Pirates of Silicon Valley?

Who presided over Steve Jobs' 1991 wedding to his surviving wife, Laurene Powell?

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