The Soul’s Code PAIN BODY INDEX gets a life!

We’ve launched our Pain Body Index as a slideshow. The arresting images are drawn from sources like The Bridge, a documentary that chronicles the dirty little secret of that postcard-shot called the Golden Gate Bridge. The San Francisco tourist mecca also doubles as America’s No. 1 destination for suicide attempts.

The Soul’s Code Pain Body Index (PBI) is a loose riff on the Body Mass Index, known as BMI. Our Pain Body Index, while far less scientific, measures an individual’s unconscious hurt and anger — the stuff that resides in the psyche’s basement.

The term pain body, to give proper credit, was coined by the spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. He isn’t just talking about individuals: riots and road rage are examples of a community’s pain body.

Our PBI, inspired by The Harper’s Index, takes statistical stock of America’s collective pain body. The spectrum covers depression and drugs (taken to the extreme in the film, Trainspotting, where Ewan McGregor, struggles to kick a heroin habit), divorce and Dick Cheney (America’s highest-profile gun nut). Giving that guy a rifle is like giving Darth Vader the Death Star.

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