When Voodoo becomes Can-do medicine

Alternative healing and advanced science continue to converge — and leap-frog ahead of conventional wisdom

BY DAVID RICKEY and RICK LEED — As we evolve, both scientific researchers and esoteric healers have advanced new therapies to treat our bodies and our minds but when we first hear of some of them we make a snap judgement that this sounds too wacky to be legit. We use words like voodoo medicine or magical thinking.

Think back to examples like quinine and willow bark — the former a tribal medicine used by Peruvian Indians, the latter an ‘old wives’ remedy. In the modern age, the first was prescribed by doctors as a treatment for malaria and the second in derivative form as aspirin.

Hundreds of health technologies — from acupuncture to hypnosis and artificial heart transplants to the freezing of cord-blood — were once thought to be voodoo and later proven to possess medical value. In that last example, we first read sketchy sounding reports a decade ago that people were having blood extracted from umbilical cords of their newborns cyrogenically frozen so that, in the event of illnesses like diabetes, doctors could later harvest miracle cells in the amniotic fluid for gene therapy.

It was a new science that few could wrap their heads around.

Saving your cells

Many laughed, and called it voodoo or exploitation of anxious, vulnerable new parents. But those who laughed and passed on that opportunity, lost out — or at least their kids did. Now radical new research is giving those parents a second chance. Will they laugh again when they read about a company called StemSave? It says that the promise of medical miracles from stem cells is locked within your family teeth: StemSave is generating a lot of chatter by harvesting the wisdom of DNA from wisdom teeth.

According to research published in peer-reviewed journals, the stem cells in our teeth are among the most powerful in the human body.  Stem cells from teeth replicate at a faster rate, and for a longer period of time, than do stem cells harvested from other tissues.

Wisdom teeth have smart cells

The irony is that living stem cells found within extracted teeth are routinely discarded by dentists every day as medical waste; In the next decade, perhaps any dentist who does that will be seen as out-dated as GP’s who once-upon-a-time suggested cigarettes as a sedative. StemSave enables you to save these cells for future use in developing medical treatments for your family.

Other expressions of the same ethos abound. RegeneRx, with the support of the National Institutes of Health, is making huge strides in applications that can turn cells on — and change the course of certain diseases.

Healing “technowledgies”

In the “soft” healing sciences, conventional institutions on the cutting-edge like Kaiser Permanente and Dr. Michael Benson’s Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are breaking new ground in incorporating the last technowledgies (our word) in Bio- and Psycho-Spiritual medicine.

Closer to home, check out our own teachers, like Vaishali or many of the articles in the Soul’s Code Science and The Brain category.

What do Spirituality and Science have to do with the Big Bang?

St. Paul, throughout his letters, disparaged the “flesh.” A much more enlightened writer, Teilhard de Chardin, said that we are Spiritual beings on a Human journey. One way or another, we are “stuck” in this fleshly body as long as we inhabit this planet. The “Good News” is that we now know a whole lot more about our “flesh,” and how it works then either of these two teachers. As our knowledge of being human evolves so do our treatments for these human bodies.

Being human is an amazing position to be in. We have evolved the ability to look at ourselves, our souls and bodies, and make ever more wise decisions. No other animal has come this far. In the last century we have discovered the interplay between our thoughts and our bodies, and we have uncovered some of the deepest secrets of our very flesh, even these genes which direct our growth and govern natural selection.

But at the same time, traditional medicine has reached a kind of limit as to what it can do to enhance or correct human existence. Our western hospital-health insurance model has become a bureaucratized medical industrial complex.

And it becomes more dysfunctional as it seeks to wrestle with rising costs, demands and diminishing resources, both in terms of care and the ability to embrace new therapies. Added to that is the “unevolved” mentality of some practitioners and funders, complicated by the spiritually unenlightened resistence to advanced study of the human being. There is the perceived notion that humans are somehow sacred and separate rather than just the latest stage of an evolutionary process going back to the big-bang.

There is no separation

Instead, we believe that the whole process is sacred. Divine Wisdom is inexorably unfolding in the physical reality of our universe. That deep wisdom needs to be applied to the advancements in genetic research and psycho-spiritual awareness.

The capability of tuning into that wisdom is part of the very process evolutionary progress in which we partake.

The final question: Will we evolve fast enough to heal ourselves and the Planet? Time will tell, but will we be here for the telling?

David Rickey is a psychotherapist, Episcopal priest and Soul’s Code co-founder; Rick Leed is a Hollywood producer, and investor in health sciences and Soul’s Code.

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  1. I have one from the South African muterati tradition (folk healing). Instead of an eye-lift (blepharoplasty) or cosmeceuticals, do a mask under your eyes with raw potato slices.

    Medically-proven to work!