We vote every day, psychologically-speaking

The Eckhart Tolle of Europe asks us a question: Why don’t we really like change?

BY TONY SAMARA — We each have an ego. And that busy ego plugs into, let’s call it, control systems.

Yes, we do have what the enlightenment philosophers called free will but we seem to make this choice every day. It’s an unconscious choice.

Control systems compromise the free aspect of ourselves. They always want things to be the same way — in the words of the 1980′s band the Talking Heads sang — the same as it ever was.

This compromise with the control systems around us show up all over the place, whether in the dynamics of a political debate, or a personal situation that challenges a control system.

It is interesting to observe the places where these situations create a stop for us.

A stop to what? To prevent change from happening.

Our daily vote

It took millions of years of a series of cascading accidents (genetic mutations) to even manifest we humans. Why would we want to change our collective, or personal habits?

One answer: our evolution has brought us to a juncture where we are individualized enough to truly, madly and deeply want change on the inside.

Yet, environmentally-speaking, we psychologically vote for the continuity of the way things are when we wake up every day, if you call that waking up.

Why you and I think we are different

Ways of collective being: French in Nice lining up for cigarettes after dinner in the Riviera's gourmet ghetto

I find that all human beings, wherever you go, are basically the same. There is a tendency for certain cultures to encourage the expression of spiritual ways of doing things, but basically we are the same.

I grok that America is going through quite profound changes.

Perhaps in Tibet or in India, things are happening on a different level, but people are the same, and acting out of the same stuff.

The mind-made date 2012 means nothing, spiritually-speaking

We are definitely reaching a point that is very different than it has been for the last thousands of years.

All cultures speak about the movement of consciousness.

We can’t really address that by measuring time, or by saying that during this very specific time, which is usually a self-invented concept, that such-and-such is going to happen because we’re reaching, say, the end of 2012, or the beginning of 2013.

I feel that it’s more the cycles of consciousness that we are beginning to understand now.

I don’t think it’s a negative, though it may seem that way to many people, especially scientists, and politicians, when they look at the enormity of all the challenges that we are actually facing. Some people feel, maybe rightly so, that we are coming to a point where we have to really change or things will change.

Why I truly, madly love change

There is nothing frightening about change, we should just embrace that, and be part of that change rather than worry about it. I feel there is too much talk in the media and between people, even spiritual people, that we are reaching a negative milestone in our development.

I find it rather the opposite, that we are reaching the beginning of something, rather than the end of something.

Tony Samara is tanned, rested and perhaps the hottest male spiritual teacher east of the Atlantic. He is also a friend of Soul’s Code, the author of three books and a trusted spiritual guide in the advaita tradition.

This is his tenth column for Soul’s Code  — experience him at the source at the non-profit destination, Tony Samara Foundation.


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