Why doesn’t Paris Hilton grow as a person?

She’s pretty American

BY PAUL KAIHLA — In her short, unintentional life, Paris Hilton has performed at least one spiritual good deed: In 2007, after being sentenced to 45 days in jail for . . . whatever, she exited her L.A. home carrying a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now.

That single act, and famous photo, gave Tolle’s best-selling book of spiritual haiku a second life. It zoomed up Amazon.

The take on Paris among the Soul’s Code community of helping-professionals goes something like this: she’s a harmless person who puts herself out there — but not “in” there — as in, herself. Or what Carl Jung called “the Self,” free of an excessive degree of self-concern.

When she was sentenced, we publicly prayed for Paris’ new inner life — or at least that she’d undergo what another American icon, Dwight Eisenhower, called “an agonizing reappraisal.”

It didn’t work.

Paris now has a new reality show — this time on a cable network called Oxygen.

It has the generous, self-effacing title, The World According to Paris.

Here’s a segment:

Paris says on camera without a hint of irony:

“My friends and I call people who crave attention, hungry tigers — and believe me, Kristin is the hungriest of them all.”

If any of us who aren’t on reality TV ever said that about anyone in our social orbit . . . um, I think that our family, friends, priest, psych or mentalist would call us out for our projections. But when a media parasite like Paris — who isn’t a Hilton Hotel heiress by any business measure, by the way — recites those lines, it’s only moreso.

A spiritual teacher named David Richo has a brilliant take on the ego. Richo came by it honestly: He was a Catholic priest who resigned his office to become a psychotherapist, and then blended the model of Christ with Buddhism for his personal practice.

Your identity is fragile, cracked easily, and bereft of power, says Richo. The more devoted you are to your self-image, the more easily and often you react.

Paris possibly posed with the Power of Now for two reasons: she got a personal recommendation to read the book, and it was publicly useful.

The Power of Now was already a bestseller by Tolle, who lives in Vancouver, Canada.

On a suicidal night three decades ago, Tolle had an ‘enlightenment,’ or permanent shift into another state of mind.

See Eckhart Tolle’s dark night of the soul:
9 Aha Moments that blow Oprah off the screen

Tolle’s realization is that the act of thinking itself is not the fundamental denizen of reality, or even a great tool to empirically measure reality. Thinking is a small slice of life, confined to the cognitive capacity of the machine parts that make up the brain.

How do you feel after you make love? (forget, Paris)

Euphoria. No thought. Your body, your being, is your ‘mind’, so to speak.

In fact, if you grok that the very act of reading these words is a narrowing state of mind — kind of like what physicists do when they collapse quantum particles into a fixed position by measuring them — then you get Tolle.

Paris picked up his book, and hung out with a Hollywood guru, but here we are.

America may have great leaders and creators but half of the society is the most parochial on the planet — next to Japan. (Full disclosure: I’m an American).

Half of this place is also a profoundly fearful nation. What happened the month of 9/11? Restaurant, retail and travel sales plummeted. These people aren’t Rambo’s. They “cocooned” in their homes, scared shit-less. True story.

What does this have to do with Paris Hilton?

The behavior reflects a collective unconscious informed by desperation and anxiety, or what Soul’s Code and Eckhart Tolle call “the pain-body.”

Click through our slideshow:
The Soul’s Code Pain-Body Index

It is any wonder, then, that one of the most famous women in our culture is on an energetic frequency — or to put it in Oprah-speak, attracts into her life the following people and places via the Laws of Attraction:

Paris is now the subject of media and blogger ridicule because MTV booted her, and her Oxygen ratings suck. The only factor giving The World According to Paris any fumes at all is Brooke Mueller  — and by inference, Charlie Sheen.

Let’s get real, this is the first we’ve ever read in the whole history of the Internet that Paris Hilton even knew Brooke Mueller. Sheen’s ex was retained for the reality show to keep Paris alive as a reality TV actress, and parasitically ride off of Sheen’s notoriety and PageRank.

Talk about exploitation: It’s the Hilton brand.

They’re as desperate as the rest of us.

It’s the torments of the Ego — excessive self-concern, the constant making of comparisons and continuous seeking — that made Tolle’s Power of Now a hit in the first place.

We all want to escape the kind of neurotic-hell that Hilton has so poignantly portrayed in The World According to Paris.

And I for one will pray that Paris picks up the Power of Now again.

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7 Responses to “Why doesn’t Paris Hilton grow as a person?”

  1. Great Post !! Interesting point of view.

  2. I like the marketing ‘hook’ use of Paris Hilton for a spiritual test and an opportunity to look at ourselves through a new window.

    I agree that she may not ‘appear’ to have spiritual depth or a source for wisdom, but there are many great lessons that appear that we miss because of the lack of vision to really see the messenger through it’s many disguises.

    The things that I ‘see’ when she appears are parts of me and they remind me that to ask me if, in this moment that is me too or is it a reminder that I have the potential to be that.

    What do I see?

    Someone who lives off the hard work of others and lives from the place of entitlement and ego. So, where have I, am currently, or have the tempation/ potential to live off the hard work of others? Where am I not honoring the gifts of those that have come before me? Where in my ego place, do I claim ownership of things and events knowing that I did very little to earn them? Where and when do I feel so small that I look for the approval of others? And in those moments of ‘need’…I too have made poor choices to satisfy me in the moment. She reminds me to love the self, not to ever make choices for sheer ‘need’ fulfillment, and honor those who have bestowed gifts at me feet by being the highest and best expression of myself.

    She, Paris Hilton and many others, are GREAT teachers…if we can see past the disguise.

  3. We really don’t learn anything from others mistakes, or supposed mistakes.

    Also, Paris is very attractive, and few, if any women in America would not want to look as pretty as her. Men may denigrate her, because of her simply being a female, having money, living a charmed life, and perhaps, her opinions of others (Oh, no! How dangerous!) matters also.

    Does she seem sort of flashy, sleazy, ostentatious, showy, dumb, childlike, or bubble-headed? These are common stereotypes we generally use for Hollywood, to reduce any discomfort we have about our own lives, and self-esteem.

    Think of all the successful movie stars that have committed suicide, much to everyone’s surprise. We need to send out good Karma to everyone, and even, sometimes, pray for the rich, and the blessed. We are not praying for them to make more money, but that they may have a deeper appreciation of the sacredness of all life.

  4. It’s very, very easy to pick on Paris. I actually *like* Paris. Why did I bother to write this?

    Hey, for all of their supposed smarts, Kathy Griffin nor Chelsea Handler are known to read the Power of Now. They read their own press releases. No other stars — besides Jim Carrey and Mike Myers and Gwyneth Paltrow — promote anything vaguely spiritual

    So the purpose of this post is *not* to pile on Paris, like the hate threads on TMZ:


    She is definitely sending a message.

    This is our best spiritual intake valve of the message.

  5. Marianne Weidlein Reply 24. Jun, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Paris Hilton IS growing as a person, whether we can see it or not. We each develop from our own unique contexts and family patterning, as progress along our own unique evolutionary continuums.

    “Growth” is a personal and private experience that is not noticeable until that growth reaches a “critical mass” of sorts, and become external. Seeds planted within her consciousness as she read, “The Power of Now” are germinating and will sprout in their own time.

    Who are any of us to say that the evolutionary process of another is not happening? Or not happening in the right way, or quickly enough? Instead, we ought to attend to quickening our own pace…

  6. People never thought much about the depth of Norma Jean, or Marilyn Monroe, while she was living, a “Dumb Blonde”, but, if you ever read some of her quotes, she thought, and thought profoundly.

    God does not judge by the outward appearance, but by what is in our hearts. Why can’t we be more like that?

    • And Marilyn Monroe never posed with the Bible, or the self-help hit of her time, Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking.” (1955) Especially while doing a perp-walk.

      Paris crossed over into the community and category that we represent and cover. We publicly noted it. She seemed to take some time for self-reflection. Ever since, she seems to have returned to a way of being conditioned by her Hollywood family and comfort zone: a carnival hall of mirrors.

      We’ve spent a lot of time on this site celebrating and promoting, for example, women who are mystics.

      Thank you again for reading, and reacting.