Exclusive book excerpt: Quiet Power

Why I make compassion my safety net. (Editor’s note: the author is the model)

BY JANICE CARTER-LEVITCH We all have it within us.

The ability to be still and observe the world around us.

To know and understand what ground we stand on. Meaning who we really are. Most of us are constantly searching and wanting to discover the essence of our existence.

Be still and listen to what resides within you. Your thoughts about who you are.

It isn’t always easy. But it is possible.

Acquiring quiet power is about small acts of kindness and generosity. It’s about anonymously offering your kindness and generosity where it may be needed.

It happens within a split second of reflex.  Helping is a quiet power full of positive intention.

It is a quietness of presence that has a power all it’s own.

I love the eloquence of Karma, which is a way of saying that relationships are here for us to learn, grow and evolve into the highest manifestation.

Much like characters in our own life stores we all start out living our lives in a certain way. We develop a certain outlook, we think we know and understand what will unfold. Yet, as we walk along and journey through life we begin to notice the path we are on isn’t the one we started out on.

Now the path or journey we are on is connected to, but not isolated by, a singular goal or what we thought were our goals.

I had trust in what was flowing through me, through my hand and . . . Somehow it would make sense and mean something.

May you also find hope and faith when difficult times happen in your own life.  When you do please let me hear from you. You never know whose life it can change through your own act of quiet power.

* * *

You’ve all seen the Game of Thrones on HBO. I’ve come across the Crown of Souls, a meditation technique evolved through many experiences that heals one’s wounded soul, my wounded soul, your wounded soul — and all that is searching to release the pain pent up within our hearts. The core of what is experienced with this technique is to treat others as though he or she were you, and share the compassion we all need at different times throughout our lives.


Janice Carter Levitch was raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and resides there today. At age 13, she became a model. Years later, she crossed the floor to the other side of the camera to found a model and talent Agency. She sold it to buy time to raise her two daughters. Seven years ago, Janice underwent a profound personal transformation during a spiritual retreat in Tennessee. Quiet Power is the first book in her Graceful Energy Series.

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