My ‘baby mission’ was accomplished with the help of Reiki

A reiki master in her late 30′s describes how she used the body-work technique to help conceive her first child

dana and beach babyBY DANA L. YOUNG — Can practicing reiki help you if your goal is to become a mother? I had already been practicing reiki when I became pregnant in 2006. I’m in my late 30’s and had anticipated a long wait while trying to conceive. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was expecting after only two months!

I instinctively knew that reiki had helped me — and as a reiki practitioner, I have seen it help clients of mine conceive after trying fertility treatments without success.

Reiki clears blockages in our human energy field that cause imbalances in the way our body operates.

What is reiki? It’s a form of healing energy using light touch along the energy centers (chakras) in the body that helps induce deep relaxation, put your internal ‘feng shui’ in order, and promote a peak state of well-being.

Reiki is a form of bodywork that is especially beneficial for expectant and new mothers because it helps prepare women for the physical, emotional and spiritual changes necessary for a “centered” conception, pregnancy, labor and post-partum recovery experience.

chakrasOur chakras are concentrated energy centers in our bodies, and are considered the energetic hubs or nexi for the roles played by our major and minor organs. If your physical functioning is compromised due to injury, inflammation, or disease, your physical capacity is diminished. Similarly, if your energy centers are blocked, your body will manifest the blockage as a physical or emotional symptom like addiction.

Our reproductive systems, in particular, are very susceptible to the effects of stress, anxiety or changes in our hormone and endocrine levels.

There are a number of women who functionally can support a pregnancy, but still have difficulty conceiving. Reiki is supportive and helps prepare the body for conception on all levels. It can be safely used in conjunction with charting, IVF, IUI, and other methods.

For relieving the physical discomforts of pregnancy like morning sickness, reiki is especially useful. The hormones associated with pregnancy – human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and estrogen — contributes to gastric distress. Reiki’s inductive powers can help reduce the sensation of nausea, and provide soothing relief from ligament pain, as well as the back and hip pain typically experienced as pregnancy progresses.

I was one fortunate enough to feel my baby kicking already in the early states of my pregnancy — a rare thing to experience at week 15 or 16. However, because of that I also experienced regular — and often intense — Braxton-Hicks contractions.


One night in particular, I recall having a lot of contractions and both the baby and I were very agitated. It finally occurred to me to channel Reiki to myself. I placed one hand on my upper abdomen, where the solar plexus chakra is located, and the other over my womb in order to connect with my baby. Reiki’s soothing energy encourages the parasympathetic “rest and digest” response in the abdominal cavity where the solar plexus is located, calming the nerves and relaxing the body. Soon enough, the Braxton-Hicks stopped, the baby settled down and I was able to fall into a relaxing sleep.

Pregnancy is exciting and stressful for expectant mothers, but our culture generally does not often do a good job of supporting women during this time. Many women are juggling demands associated with careers, expectations from their families, changes in their relationships with their partners — and of course, in their bodies.

These factors can exacerbate fatigue, discomfort and mood swings. Reiki also helps expectant mothers to reduce stress and remain more grounded emotionally. A Reiki treatment is, first and foremost, time to honor yourself and your body during a time when you may no longer feel like it belongs to you. Reiki sessions can be so deeply relaxing that clients can often drift off into asleep — and as any pregnant woman knows, sleep is a valuable commodity!

dana and baby 2Reiki is also especially helpful for post-partum recovery. Women’s bodies undergo tremendous change to support the new life growing inside them; it takes a while for the body’s organs and processes to return to a normal pre-pregnancy state. Even if you had a relatively easy labor and birth experience and aren’t feeling discomfort, there is still a lot of healing going on inside your body after your baby is born.

I had an emergency C-section, but was fortunate to receive reiki treatments from both my teacher and close friend while I was recovering. They helped me get strong and centered so that I could fully embrace motherhood and my beautiful little girl.

One of the things I valued so much about being a reiki practitioner during my pregnancy was the depth of connection I felt with my baby during that time. Consequently, I think that early connection also helped me become more attuned to her needs.

My daughter received reiki in utero often enough that, even now, there have been times where she seems to naturally draw the energy when she’s in my arms without me even having to actively channel it.

Maybe on some level, I intuit that she needs it and reiki just flows to her. I don’t think you have to be a reiki practitioner to experience that heightened awareness. My clients who receive reiki on a regular basis have developed deeper intuition and understanding about the relationship between their bodies and their energy fields, which help connect them more deeply to others and to Spirit.

Reiki honors the women we are: our bodies, our emotions and the spirit within that gives us strength and purpose. A good article that describing how reiki has been used in a clinical setting during pregnancy and to facilitate healing during post-partum is “Reiki and the Birth Experience.”

Dana is a Master practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing in Atlanta, Georgia. She received energy healing during a trip to India that cured a chronic inflammatory condition that had afflicted her for years. She is committed to helping others on their wellness journey, as she has been helped. Visit Dana at DragonflyReiki.

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8 Responses to “My ‘baby mission’ was accomplished with the help of Reiki”

  1. Namaste, Dana
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. Your daughter is totally adorable! How blessed you both are to have each other.
    It is a vital support – pregnancy, birth, and post partum. My first pregnancy was amazing, but a car accident in my 9th month required me to have a c-section too. I had a wonderful Reiki 2 Practitioner boarding with us at the time. He was there before, during, and after my first son was born. It made all the difference in the world to me.
    Big Love,

  2. As a reiki practioner myself, I appreciate your testament to the power of this simple but profound healing technique. Western medicine is just beginning to recognize what the eastern teachers have known foreons. The body has fields of energy which need to be aligned and flowing for optimal health. Reiki, accupuncture as well as ayurvedic medicine are important sources of this wisdom. Thank you for enlightening us further from your personal experience.

  3. As a Reiki practitioner I fully appreciate and understand your testament to the power of this wonderfully profound healing practice. As Rickey has stated above, western medicine is only just now beginning to recognize what has been so long known to eastern teachers and holistic healers. That the energy flow through the body can be balanced, without invasive surgery or drugs, by the use of reiki, crystals, acupuncture and many other highly effective holistic healing practices.

    I would like to thank you for writing such a beautiful and enlightening article on how reiki has helped you experience one of the greatest joys in life.

  4. Freedom Spirit Gal Reply 28. Jan, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Wow, what an inspiration for Reiki practitioners and clients alike. I too conceived in my late 30s after my time training and practicing as a Reiki Master. The connectiveness you experienced with you daugther in utero is similar to my experience as I sent her energy from the moment I knew I had “my little peanut lady” growing inside of me. What a blessing this energy, this love, this universe is to those who are open to what is–blissful awareness. All the best to you and your beautiful family. xo

  5. Dear Dana

    Your story is trully inspiring for those who find it difficult to conceive. The cause of this could be a range of problems from having had treatments or medications that impair one’s reproductive organs to primary infertility where no cause can be found.

    Having been diagnosed with secondary infertility with many unsuccesful fertility treatments under the NHS for over 20 years I can relate to many women who have gone through months and years of despair and disappointment. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and have had so many healing/ distant healings and self healings. The moment I came to accept my life path as being a single independent woman without being enlightened on the path of motherhood, I found great peace in myself. However, that is the path for me and I will never lose hope on women who wish to have children but unable to do so naturally.

    Reiki does wonders to all but most importantly, Reiki has shown me the path I need to follow to pursue my dharma and attain inner peace.

    Blessings to you, your family and all around you.

  6. I have also suffered from the label of infertility. Even before I became a Reiki practitioner, I was a client trying to channel the Reiki into my broken tubes. I was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer when I was only 24, and after almost a year of hormonal therapies which exacerbated my reproductive issues. I had one tube and ovary removed in two separate surgeries, which left microscopic ‘shrapnel’ in my abdomen. I had my first pregnancy about 6 months later, but that ended in miscarriage on Easter Sunday. I blinked and got pregnant again with twins. One twin was uterine, and that baby was lost to miscarraige. In the hospital for the miscarriage, they found that the twin was in my tube. After the ectopic pregnancy was removed, I was in denial about my infertility, and obsessed about pregnancy for several years. I was only 26. Everyone told me how young I was, and that I had so much time. In fact, pregnancy was the driving force that led me to becoming a Reiki practitioner!

    Now, Reiki is helping me remove the blocks of obsession in my life. I know that I needed to go through that emotional turmoil in order to surrender to the divine ways of the universe. I do not yet know what is in store for me, but Reiki is allowing me to accept and not worry about what is to come. Instead of focusing on my own obsessive desires, I am using Reiki to help bring a child into our lives through adoption. My husband is now “on the band wagon” and has even made contact with an adoption lawyer.

    The hardest thing that I still need to overcome is that my adoptive child won’t look like me. I guess Reiki still has some work to do in my life!!!

    Thank you for letting me put in my two cents. Bless you for the work you’re doing!!!

  7. Hi,
    Yes its true that nothing is greater than nature.Its wonderful experience and an inspiration for fertility and parenthood. I wish Good Luck to all females for their Pregnancy through an Enchanted Reiki practice..

  8. I am currently TTC and found your website through searching for reiki & conceiving. I’m glad I did! I’m only on month #2 of trying, but I have a short luteal phase and need some extra energy & attention to that area.

    I love your website – glad I found you. And congratulations on the birth of your daughter!